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Anonymous asked: "Lamia is probably mostly kidding about the whole "KILL ALL NORDS" thing but I'm interested if that at all affected her relationship with Kjolveig? Did it put Kjolveig off at all or was the fact that she was a nord at all a turn-off for Lamia? Incidentally this is a good time to ask you to gauge your characters' racism in general, we know Aran has a thing against khajiit but what about the rest and how serious is it? (SORRY IF THIS SENT TWICE my browser was being a fuck)"

"Lamia is probably mostly kidding about the whole "KILL ALL NORDS" thing" ahahah… ahahaha… probably is the key word here buddy…

yes of course it affected her; so she didn’t think of kjolveig much at first, but it didn’t matter since they were both just fuck buddies, not expecting things to go any further. but yayyy they fell in love and yaddi yadda. whether or not kjolveig found this off-putting you’d have to ask uncleakes, but i don’t think so, since they did spend almost a decade together.

that’s when lamia’s opinion on nords improved.

later things went south, and there’s only so much you can fix; so kjolveig went "fuck it all!" andleft without saying a thing. although lamia knew nothing about their relationship was perfect she still didn’t expect such a blow, so

that’s when her opinion on nords deteriorated a great deal.

as for the rest: i don’t know yet haha i assume ingrim would glorify the altmer, just as nir would glorify the dunmer. the rest isn’t really racist.

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Anonymous asked: "your art gives me life"

flattered beyond measure!! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

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Anonymous asked: "I know this may seem like a silly question but how do you come up with the names for all of your characters?"

i dont know, theres no fixed process behind it;

i sometimes look at the npcs names/name generators looking for inspiration, but i.e. lamias name was given by my mama (which might exaplain why its not at all lore-accurate haha gdi)

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Anonymous asked: "does ores ever find out that lamia was pregnant briefly? and for how long was she like how early on did she find out"

YES which lead to why lamia left him, i talked about it here; early enough.

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Anonymous asked: "Just to clarify, Lamia cannot bear children if she wanted to due to the abuse dealt to her body when Ores got physical, right? Or was it from another reason?"

no, it was due to the poorly conducted abortion; ores had nothing to do with it, although he did maltreat her several times.


(An easy guide on when to (and not) approach Martin Septim.
Art by the lovely domirine.)


(An easy guide on when to (and not) approach Martin Septim.

Art by the lovely domirine.)

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Track Title: Papaoutai (Translated Stromae Cover)

Artist: CUT_

Album: Stromae covers


Cover of a French song : Papaoutai (Stromae) by an Amsterdam duo.

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Anonymous asked: "I just have to say that um your art and characters are amazing and you're amazing //unu did you always have characters or was Skyrim your inspiration??? Also did you have Oblivion and Morrowind characters? Sorry for all the questions ;-;"

aw its okay!! and thank you so much for sweet words  ♥ (> •v• <) ♥

ive had ocs before but i never paid that much attention to them or developed them; lamia was the first oc i dared show the world haha

once i play oblivion or morrowind i will come up with new characters, for now skyrim is the only tes installment i played uwu

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Anonymous asked: "your characters are mega cuties and i adore how much work you put into them. i'd have to say im especially partial to Aran, although they're all lovely. keep up the good work, dear. much love!"

will do, thank you for the encouragment!! ♥♥ (❁´▽`❁)