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a warm-up slash study

a warm-up slash study

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i forgot how to draw tbh

i forgot how to draw tbh

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hi and sorry for a delay to everyone who’s waiting for a commission/response, i’ve felt pretty worn out these days focusing on real lyfe lmao but i’ll be getting back to work shortly!! :^)

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Anonymous asked: "Have you give advice on how to draw orcs? Or how you draw them? I love your art ; w ;"

ok i got several messages like this in my inbox ("can you tell me how to draw x")

im SORRY but i dont feel qualified OR confident enough to make a tutorial. most of the time i dont even know how i actually do it! i mean i draw orcs the same way i draw humans, i just add weird teeth in the end.

just study anatomy + practice + eventually make shit up as you go, thats it.

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Anonymous asked: "NEURGH SORRY I remembered that Bodran belonged to janearts like 2 seconds after sending the ask and I was like DANGIT. D:"

its ok it happens! i still feel like its a good thing to put up a disclaimer-reminder once in a while haha

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Anonymous asked: "If Farkas and Bodran met, how would they get on? (I know that FarkasxLamia isn't canon or anything, but would there be a punch up orrrr???)"

IDK BODRAN ISN’T MINE!! he’s jane’s! please be respectful and send any asks concerning the character to their owner.

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Anonymous asked: "Does Aran eventually find someone to settle down with or does he remain a very eligible bachelor?"

the latter. he’s too much in love with himself…


(watching HTTYD2 with Jane, Kayla, and Domi)

Frene: I want to ride a dragon

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Anonymous asked: "hello!!! i just want to say i love your zombie/modern au SO much!!♥ idk even just thinking about the ot3 and all makes me feel fuzzy and warm inside ♥♥ and even after the break out hits i'm imagining them eventually meeting up again oh my heart ♥♥♥♥"

oh my god THANK YOU!! i cannot take all the credit for your heartache of course  because i couldn’t do it without frene jane and kayla!

IM SO HAPPY thank you for the sweet note ♥♥