(watching HTTYD2 with Jane, Kayla, and Domi)

Frene: I want to ride a dragon

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Anonymous asked: "hello!!! i just want to say i love your zombie/modern au SO much!!♥ idk even just thinking about the ot3 and all makes me feel fuzzy and warm inside ♥♥ and even after the break out hits i'm imagining them eventually meeting up again oh my heart ♥♥♥♥"

oh my god THANK YOU!! i cannot take all the credit for your heartache of course  because i couldn’t do it without frene jane and kayla!

IM SO HAPPY thank you for the sweet note ♥♥

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Anonymous asked: "Do you do art trades?"

not really. it depends? with friends i might be.

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stepone’s character, ember! whooshhhh lava everywhere!
commission info here

stepone’s character, ember! whooshhhh lava everywhere!

commission info here

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Anonymous asked: "i dont get why your advertising that blog like who cares if i wanted to see reblogs like that there are only 7584893902 other blogs that i could follow i came here for your original shit man"

what was that? advertise it again in case people are interested in shit i reblog because they may or may not have a similar taste to mine? because there are artist interested in art tutorials i can reblog? because people might just like reblog blogs? people interested in my more personal post?

YEAH right away buddy don’t worry i gotcha hang on a minute i’ll rereblog it for you :) anything for you my lovely caring knowing-that-they-don’t-have-to-follow-it sunshine <3

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friendly reminder that i have a reblog/inspiration/personal/whatever blog

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kissing dipshits >:IIII

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Anonymous asked: "Aran with a curly mustache :DDDD"

he curls it when he sees a cutie (in the mirror)

i’ve decided to change some tiny tiny details when it comes to his design, but the same can be said for the rest of the gang (esp. nir and ingrim, hopefully i’ll be posting more art now so you’ll see for yourselves uwu)

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i just wanted to thank you guys for signal boosting my commission info it means a lot to me ;0;