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Anonymous asked: "Hi I just wanted to say ily"

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Anonymous asked: "The mobile version doesn't have your links, could I have the link to your nsfw blog? *bats eyelashes*"

not a problem it’s enirimod (original i know)

knock yourself out B)


Gurlfriend’s Doodle (◡‿◡✿)
Domirine’s Lamia + Valkari


Gurlfriend’s Doodle (◡‿◡✿)

Domirine’s Lamia + Valkari

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Anonymous asked: "How tall are you?"

165 cm uvu

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  • frene: i'm going for my run alone
  • me: ok but don't get lost
  • frene: ahAHA WHO ME
  • frene: *gets lost*


Somehow the internet at Domi’s got fucked up so we’re kinda MIA. We have taken refuge in a coffee shop in the meantime.

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details and slots below the cut!

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Anonymous asked: "dOes Lamia know about Velanna? (any universe)"

in zombie she may or may know of her, and in tes-verse, well, you should probably look at the current rp to find out uwu

but she doesn’t have a relationship with velanna on her own


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Anonymous asked: "why the dots do they mean anything or symbolize something?"

they’re a subtle way to signify their association with the gang. they’re like a badge they can’t take off, but they’re easily mistaken for freckles/moles, which (unless you know what it means/what to look for) makes them relatively inconspicuous

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tigerbun asked: "Hi, quick question: Are those dots by Lamia's eye piercings or birthmarks? Sorry if it has been answered ;A;"

it has been but its ok!! theyre tattoos, aran and nir have them as well in that au because they belong to one gang uwu